Best Things To Do In Medan Indonesia

Just 1.5-hour journey from a flight in Singapore, Medan in Indonesia is a must-visit destination when you are exploring Indonesia with friends and family members. Medan along with its surroundings serve to be an ideal getaway when you are looking forward to experiencing the breathtaking sights or gastronomic adventures.


If you are traveling to Indonesia, and wish to explore its natural as well as man-made beauty, then you can visit Medan and have great fun. Here are some top things to do in Medan:

Admire the Majestic Mesjid Raya Al Mashun: Mesjid Raya Al Mashun is a famous tourist attraction spot in Medan, Indonesia. The mosque is beautiful, and you can explore its surroundings for getting an insight into its architectural beauty all around.


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Dress Up at Istana Maimun: Istana Maimun is a royal palace located in Medan that belonged to the Sultanate of Delhi. The palace has been made open to the public, and you can witness its impressive grandeur.


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Dine at the Merdeka Walk: Medan in Indonesia is famous for its local display of delectable food items. As such, you can enjoy a fine meal at the Merdeka Walk in Medan serving a delectable range of the tastiest dishes from all around.

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Explore the Museum of North Sumatra: The Museum of North Sumatra is a famous landmark in the city visited by thousands of tourists from all over. Explore the beautiful galleries of the museum featuring stories and manuscripts from different periods and communities.

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Take a Stroll Around Kampung Keling: Kampung Keling is the traditional Tamil part of Indonesia which is famous for the beautiful Sri Mariamman Temple. The temple is surrounded with local shops presenting traditional saris and jewelry for the tourists.

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Have a great vacation in Indonesia with family & friends!

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