Top 10 Things To Do In Dubai, UAE

If you ever want to visit somewhere fun-catchy and extremely fascinating then it is definitely DUBAI. Known as the largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, this city offers advanced architectures, energetic nightlife scenarios and a luxurious taste in shopping activities.

The city’s grandiose façade can leave you absolutely dumbstruck and excited in a single heartbeat! There are many terrific things that await you in this grand-style city, you can simply book for a seaplane flight or rent a bike and explore Palm Jumeirah.

Come to Dubai and experience a life of luxury. You will enjoy every single moment with friends and wouldn’t love to leave this city after weeks of long vacation.


Here are some few interesting things to do in Dubai that would make you love this city more!

Have dinner in an underwater restaurant

Ever dined in an underwater restaurant before? You would love to try this! Dubai has numerous underwater restaurants that serve tasty dishes. Go there and dine with friends, you will really enjoy the moment.


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Go Sandboarding!

This is a desert-based activity. You would love to try this and learn more about the sport. With deserts surrounding the city, sandboarding would be the perfect exciting thing to do.


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Try water activities in Dubai!

Going to Dubai is really exciting and you should really hit the beach. Kite surfing is one of the best water activity in the area.


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Click Here to View Kite Surfing destinations.


The Desert Safari, don’t miss this!

A desert safari is one of best activities in Dubai. You can easily book for a desert safari tour and enjoy the thrilling moment of jeep driving through enormous piles of brown sand. Click to view top 15 best desert safaris in Dubai here.


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How about visiting LA MER?

La Mer has got all that it takes to make you over-excited! It is one of the newest hotspots in Dubai, offering different cafes and restaurants, beach-side bars and a beautiful beach for you to chill and relax.


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Go to the top of Burj Khalifa!

A unique skyscraper in Dubai. You would love to reach the top and enjoy the astonishing views. You will also get lunch/dinner at the Burj club and enjoy the exciting entertainment there.


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