Tourism in Byron Bay, Australia

Byron Bay is one of the more popular beachside towns in the state of New South Wales, Australia. The town is located just 772 kilometers north of the beautiful city of Sydney and 165 kilometers from the south of Brisbane. Being sandwiched by two of Australia’s largest cities, Byron Bay has been one of the homes of local and international tourists for the past years.



Tourism in Byron Bay has been an ever-growing industry thanks to the gorgeous beaches surrounding the lovely town. Most of the beaches are popular for surfing activities. Surfers visit the town almost all year round due to its beautiful waves and the magnificent sight of the ocean. The pristine water of the ocean is also a sight to behold.

The weather in Byron Bay makes the town a perfect vacation spot for local and foreign tourists all year round. The temperate and tropical waters of the rivers and ocean meet at Byron Bay. As a result, the area is a perfect place for snorkeling and scuba diving. The water activity is commonly done at Julian Rocks. The area is a sight to behold whether you’re into scuba diving or not. The underwater experience is one of the memorable activities you can do with your loved ones while in town. Dive and swim with the turtles as you enjoy the beauty of the deep.

The crystal clear waters of the ocean also make it one of the best places for boat sailing and fishing. Traditional fishing is a regular activity usually done at the shores or in boats. The boat fishing experience is open to everyone who would like to try fishing around the ocean. Aside from the wonderful experience, you’ll also get to enjoy the nice view of the ocean and the town from the boat. Families can also rent a boat for sightseeing purposes.


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Aside from its gorgeous beaches, the Lighthouse trail is also a famous activity. The simple walk can be challenging and at the same time rewarding. Couples will definitely enjoy this type of activity because of the beautiful sight along the way. You will have a nice view of the beach on the way to the lighthouse. If you want to surprise your partner with a romantic walk, the Lighthouse trail is the perfect activity for you.

The Cape Byron Lighthouse is one of the main attractions in Byron Bay aside from its beaches. The active lighthouse is Australia’s most powerful lighthouse that shines a light over Byron Bay. Enjoy the magnificent view from the perspective of the lighthouse and find out about shipwrecks on the area on your tour. The lighthouse viewing activity is free and open to all tourists who would love to take a look at the spectacular view of the ocean from a different angle. The 19th century lighthouse is also one of the best spots to view dolphins, turtles, and humpback whales.


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Camping, walking, biking, kayaking, and canoeing are some of the popular activities in town. You can find several safe and secured camp sites around the beachside town. Backpackers are often seen in these areas as well as those who would like to share a closer experience with Mother Nature. Camp sites are inexpensive accommodations for the budget travelers. Most of the camp sites are safely guarded to prevent crimes and accidents.

Romantic walks are popular activities around town thanks to the gorgeous sight all over town. It’s also common to see people jogging all around the area. Bicycling around town is also a common activity for the locals and tourists. Experience the fun and adventure of kayaking or canoeing at Byron Bay. Marvel at the sight of dolphins swimming at the ocean while you kayak with your family or friends. Sea kayaking is also a popular activity during the summer.


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Schoolies Week is celebrated during late November and early December as an Australian tradition of high-school graduates. A week-long holiday right after the end of the final exams is celebrated at Qeensland’s Gold Coast, particularly Surfers Paradise. Thousands of schoolies attend the tradition on a yearly basis to experience the once in a lifetime tradition. The tradition attracts local and international tourists from adolescents to adults.

Byron Bay Writers Festival is also a celebrated tradition among the amateur and professional writers of the town. The annual tradition is a popular activity among many Australians as well as foreign tourists.

Major music festivals such as the East Coast Blues & Roots Music Festival are annually celebrated in the small yet lively town of Byron Bay. The annual music festival features a large selection of blues and roots performers from the different parts of Australia and around the world. The music festival is considered as one of the leading contemporary music festivals world-wide. Thousands of teens and adults can be spotted in the area during the festival. Local and international tourists have been spending the long weekend in the Byron Bay area since 1990 just to experience and be a part of the popular music festival.


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Accommodation in Byron Bay has never been a problem due to the good number of affordable hotels, motels, hostels, and other places to stay at. Backpackers will find the town as an amazing tourist destination. Accommodation in Byron Bay can be inexpensive especially if you make reservations ahead of time. If you’re the rough and adventurous type, a Byron holiday park is also a nice accommodation option to consider during your vacation.


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Byron Bay is a wonderful town to add on your vacation checklist. If you’re the type of traveler who is open to different activities, this small, lovely town of Australia will surely keep you occupied throughout your vacation. Book a room in advance to make sure you have an accommodation ready prior to your trip. Check out the affordable accommodations around town so you know where to spend the night as you make memorable experiences in one of the best travel spots of Australia!

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